Belize, Central America

IHB has been invited by the government of Belize to help them build an addition to a medical clinic in Independence, a coastal town in Southern Belize. The addition will expand and modernize an existing clinic by adding a pharmacy, x-ray capabilities, doctors’ offices, and a conference room. Peculiar to this project is a joint venture arrangement with Project C.U.R.E. to equip the clinic with medical supplies and equipment when the physical building is completed. There is deep poverty in the region served by this clinic, so its expanded capacity will be a blessing to so many who do not currently have access to adequate healthcare. Dr. Peter Allen, CEO Ministry of Health, and the Belize Natural Energy Charitable Trust (BNECT) are the joint sponsors of the Independence Poly Clinic Project. We are currently working with Peter Allen to fine tune the details of our participation. When finalized, our Agreement calls for us to begin work as soon as late July

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