Board of Directors


Terry Baker

Terry is the Chief Power System Operator for a Colorado‐based electric utility, with over 33 years of experience in System Operations. He has been involved in different phases of construction projects for more than 35 years, including many humanitarian/compassion building ventures since 2005. As an engineer, Terry brings keen analytical skills to the planning and design of each project.


Lanny York

Lanny has been on more mission trips than any other board member. As part of a church pastoral staff for 19 years, he directed and/or coordinated many humanitarian/compassion‐based building projects. He has extensive service experience in domestic disaster relief, work in Mexico, Central and South America, and Africa.


Bill Toews

Bill has spent 35 years as a professional contractor and business owner, providing highest quality plumbing and electrical services to the greater Denver area. Bill offers special expertise in commercial and residential HVAC design, installation, repair, and maintenance. For 25 years, Bill has contributed his construction skills to scores of mission trips to Mexico, Brazil, and rural U.S.


Jonathan Clark

As Director of Engineering at a large metropolitan hospital, Jon is accustomed to meeting the challenges of keeping “all systems up and running.” He is experienced in all aspects of the construction process, and is skilled at organizing available labor to accomplish project objectives on time and within budget. Born in Puebla, Mexico, and raised in Chile and Spain, Jon is IHB’s resident Spanish voice.


Harold Patterson

Harold is the consummate professional in the construction arena. For 40 years he has been the principal contractor of his company, Rocky Mountain Construction Specialties, tackling the larger projects such as churches, medical office complexes, commercial centers, as well as custom homes.

As a perfectionist, Harold insists that every building project completed under the IHB banner must be built to the highest standard possible, given available resources. Harold’s comprehensive knowledge and experience in the construction world makes him the last word on all building projects, and makes him a source of inspiration and confidence to all board members, and to all the volunteers who join the IHB team for various projects. As president of International Hope builders, Harold has worked tirelessly since its formation in 2010 to establish IHB as an effective force in the battle against human suffering and homelessness in the most resource‐starved parts of the world.


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