Cienega Prieta, Mexico

In March, four members of our IHB family loaded up a truck and drove 1,350 miles to a remote campground in the forested mountains high above Chihuahua City in Central Mexico. The purpose of the trip was to remodel a barn and build an addition on a small house occupied by the Compound’s caretaker and his wife and four children. The host of this project was Dr. Hugo Irigoyen, the medical caregiver for this community of Tarahumara Indians, the legendary Native Americans famous for their ability to run great distances, even to the point of running down a deer to its exhaustion.

Our crew was joined by a group of workers from Sugarland Baptist Church in Houston, TX. The Sugarland crew had made 33 prior mission-building trips to this region, and generously provided all the food and did the cooking for the entire tired and hungry workforce.

By working together, the two groups were able to complete this challenging project in one week. The work was hard and the days were long, but Dr. Hugo and the caretakers were delighted with the finished product. Finally, the house had indoor plumbing and a real kitchen! What’s more, IHB now has a companion group of like-minded construction guys in Texas that has agreed to join us on some of our future trips. It was a 2,700-mile round trip ‘drive to work,’ but the guys said it was worth it to get hugs of gratitude from some very happy campers.

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