Styrofoam Plant, Honduras

In February of 2014, three IHB board members accepted an invitation to visit a Styrofoam plant in San Pedro, and meet its humanitarian and influential owner, Luis Vario. The purpose of the visit was to evaluate the Styrofoam plant’s production capacity, and meet the people who operate the business. IHB has contracted with a Chinese manufacturing firm to build a mold that attaches to an extruder to produce a Styrofoam block used in the construction of buildings.

We needed to find out if our mold could be affixed to the extruder in Luis’s plant, and whether or not we could establish a suitable working relationship for the employment of our mold.

The visit was exceptionally profitable, resulting in a contract with Luis for the placement of the mold, a commitment by the Honduran government to finance the building of 1,000 homes constructed with our Styrofoam blocks on government-owned land, and a formal invitation to IHB to participate in a joint venture with Luis and the Honduran government to facilitate the building of the 1,000 homes. Our mold is expected to be delivered to San Pedro Sula sometime within the next 60 days.

Honduras is rife with poverty, homelessness, crime, and many forms of anti-social behavior. Unemployment is reported to be as high as 50%; out of eight million residents, two million are considered homeless; child prostitution is common, often instituted and promoted by the child’s parents; serious crimes are everywhere present: armed guards protect many of the businesses. As expressed in the current nightly news, San Pedro Sula is the “most dangerous city in the world.”

Luis Vario is a Christian businessman with influence in the government, and is a friend and advisor to the President. He is committed to use his resources and influence to improve the moral condition of his country; he has asked IHB to help him in that effort, and we have accepted his invitation.

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