Los Clobos, Honduras

In May 2014, Harold and Lana Patterson went with a group from their church to Honduras. The purpose of the trip was to build a house for a widow and her two children, and operate a medical clinic for ten days. In addition to those going as builders, the group included two dentists, two dental assistants, and a nurse. The medical team saw more than 100 patients and pulled 125 teeth during their stay; the builders completed a house that is a valuable addition to the community.While in Honduras, Harold and Lana met two key executives with Hearts For Honduras, who proposed that IHB work with them to build three medical clinics and twenty houses on land they own in the mountains above Santa Cruz. Communications regarding those projects are ongoing. Honduras represents many challenges and many opportunities for IHB to make a meaningful contribution to ease suffering among that country’s huge homeless population. See more on Honduras in the Future Projects section.

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