San Antonio de Cortes, Honduras – Nov. 2015

The Privilege of Hope

With your help IHB volunteer builders traveled to San Antonio de Cortes to build a school for this community of the poorest of the poor.


IHB joined hands with Friends of Honduras-USA, local Honduran workers and families to construct a school in one week!

The project was successfully completed, and although we had returned home, they sent the photos below of the celebration and the FIRST DAY OF CLASSES!

It is a great privilege to be part of giving these little ones and their families a ray of hope in the darkness of generational poverty – The Privilege of Hope – the privilege YOU share by supporting IHB’s work in Honduras!

Now, join us in the process…

Before this school was built, these children met in one room of a small house.

Building the banos.

First block laid (only 359 to go!)

A description of the experience of IHB Honduras, November 2015? Privilege…
The Privilege of Hope!


VOLUNTEER WITH IHB! There are projects on the horizon for which many hands are needed.  Please consider joining us for hands-on, life-changing service to others. Click Here to Volunteer! 

Donate to IHB! We ask for your donations, on a sustained basis if possible, to help IHB meet these and many other urgent needs of the desperate poor of Honduras. The cost of each home is $5,200. IHB in partnership with the local town government and other entities, contribute to the cost and the recipient families contributing “sweat equity” – working with us to complete construction. Please remember that all IHB participants are volunteers who pay all of their own travel expenses, so that the greatest amount gets directly to the need.

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