San Antonio de Cortes, Honduras-January 2015

A Promise Kept

January 2015 found the International Hope Builders construction team journeying to Honduras, Central America, to make good on a promise. That promise was made the previous December during an audience with the Presidential First Lady of the country, and meetings with the Governor of Cortes State and the Mayor of San Antonio Township.

The community has differing levels of need, but every level includes people living in poverty. IHB promised to build one house for the purpose of offering an example of the Lazarian World Homes construction system. The system is a simple, yet strong, incredibly functional design uniquely designed for longevity in severe climates. The sustainable, economical design includes the virtual elimination of insect, pest, mold and mildew damage.

Not only was the promise kept, it was DOUBLY fulfilled! The Mayor of San Antonio de Cortes, caring deeply about the people of his township, made the most of the opportunity by submitting a plan for IHB to not only build one house, but two! And more importantly, he decided, instead of being “example houses” only, they would both become “Home” for two San Antonio families in great need, to which IHB wholeheartedly agreed!

JON_2093 (1)

Candidate family chosen by the San Antonio de Cortes Mayor and Council, Dec. 2014.


A precise start is crucial with the “Super-Insulated Block Molds” of IHB’s Lazarian World Homes construction system.



Styrofoam makes insulation factor R-21; cooler when hot, warmer when cold.


Rebar installed, wired. Concrete poured in 4″X4″ mold voids and beams. Creates strong network of rigid studs.



Children helping build their own home? YES, with IHB’s unique system!


A precious reason to keep our promise.



Showing signs of becoming a home! Notice the orange electrical conduit?

Move-in day ribbon cutting celebration!


Building kid’s bed frame. Exterior walls in background, thick stucco inside/out.

Finished product, a labor of love. All 5 children sleep in this bed. Mama and Dad have own bedroom for first time.

The IHB team is committed to being faithful to keep our promises and hopes to return soon to San Antonio de Cortes, Honduras, to meet more desperate needs, and to make more promises. Will you help us keep them? (Click here to donate)

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