San Antonio de Cortes – May/June 2015

This May 23rd-June 6th, twelve IHB volunteer builders traveled to San Antonio de Cortes, Honduras, to help meet the housing needs of this poverty-stricken area.

In this part of Honduras, large, multi-generational families often live together in small, dirt-floored mud and wood shacks. Our imaginations cannot conjure up the struggles they face each day.


The group joined hands with local volunteers and recipient families to together construct four homes in two weeks,  plus a school was painted and a septic system dug!

All projects were successfully completed in record time. Looking back now, who are the wealthy ones? Is it us Gringos who have always had so much that gratitude is sometimes replaced with entitlement? Or is it the sweet-spirited, humble poor who have so little, yet love so much and endure suffering with such grace, and appreciate anything given? When all is said and done, what will matter is what of ourselves we all have surrendered for the good of others, whether in wealth or poverty, generosity in tangibles or generosity of spirit, in genuine care for the needs of others to the point of action!

Our assignment for Honduras was to ease suffering by surrendering what we have right now to apply to others’ needs. If only one word of description was allowed it would be…Privilege; it was a privilege to be part of IHB Honduras 2015.


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